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Engineering Team

There is a strong engineer culture at Teambition. Our Engineering team works to make Teambition powerful and easy to use. We have front-end, back-end,iOS, Android, and Ops teams. Each team has an director who leads other members.The ideal learning atmosphere within the team can be proved by the fact that knowledge sharing sessions are held on a weekly basis and new technologies are learned and tested. If you're passionate about technology, excited about challenges and strive to change people’s life with technology, Teambition will be the coolest tech team for you.

Design Team

Design plays a crucial part of Teambition and its products. The Design team creates magical experiences for our users. The process of building those products is called the “TB Style”. Every photo shootand design draft is a result ofour intense discussions and collision of ideas. In order to stimulate creativity and inspiration, we organize different art-oriented activities and occasional small gatherings every month. Some people may say design process is a lonely journey,but in our team, youwill never work alone. We work with you all the way forward.

Sales / Customer Success

Our sales provide professional services for Teambition enterprise users. We help our users to understand how to use Teambition based on their own businesses and industries. By sharing cases from other companies within your industry as well as providing training, we make sure you can get the most out of tools. Our success managers will continue to follow up and answer your questions, share our latest research and best practices with you. Everyone in the team works as an expert and consultant. With our professionalism, patience and passion, we help you optimize the time you spend on Teambition in a very friendly way.

Pre-sales & Professional Service

We embrace a team with all-round competence in various fields including pre-sales consultants, project managers, user-experience designers, interaction designers, business analysts and developers. We, together with our customers, evaluate business value and service scenarios of Teambition. In accordance with the business demands, we work out integrated solutions and seek feasible approaches for timely delivery with guaranteed quality, thus creating core values for our customers. In addition, we work closely with various sectors and enable the product department to be aware of customer-specific demands for continuous product evolution.

Design Positions

Marketing Team

Our Marketing team is made of people who constantly ask themselves the key question “how do I get those people to use Teambition?”. Everything theydo helpsto achieve this goal. Our daily work covers building partner ships, expanding channels, organizing events, managing online marketing channels, and also helpingsales in their efforts to grow our company revenue. This team always has more to do and ideas always get brought to the world.

Operations Team

Consisting of accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Office Management, our Operations team’s mission is to make the company function and grow. We focuson creating in credible offices, facilitating communication between different departments, helping people develop, as well asbuilding aunique company culture. If you are passionate, focused, full of ideas and good at communicating, you will find a group of people sharing the same ideals as yours.