Our culture, no matter where you are

The Shanghai Headquarters

Teambition HQ rests on the Zhangjiang Tech Park of Shanghai. Sunshine jogs into the rounded office everyday. Start your day with a cup of coffee with the rest of your colleagues. Our awesome lounge area is where you'll have meaningful and inspiring conversations with others, conversations that will change the world.
Join the headquarters of an international company set in an international city.


Flat office means open-minded atmosphere. Teambition is settled in one of the numerous co-working spaces in Beijing, the heart city of entrepreneurship and innovation in China. Inspiration literally floats in the air of the office, and you will live surrounded by some of the most adventurous and ambitious people in the world.
We are fully prepared to welcome new friends to our adventure. What about you?


Love the sea and mountain? Shenzhen is a city for you. You will find the biggest Golf court downtown close to the office. You will get access to a 4A-class gymnasium downstairs, a swimming pool, basketball and badminton training areas etc. An awesome team is based in this city of technology.
Join our group of passionate and dedicated people and start creating the future.


Have you ever imagined an ideal working environment? Facing the West Lake, seeing the city in flowers? Shining open office, west to a High tech park, we are surrounded by trees.
Come and join a passionate team, made of people who will help you take your ideas from concept to reality. Come change the world with us.


We don’t talk dreams at all, because we are doing what we dream for; we don’t show off funs everyday, since we have fun everyday; we don’t pretend to feel sympathetic, for we are naturally sympathetic to you and willing to help anytime; we don’t need to talk about how wonderful our team is, because our team speaks for itself; and we don’t need to act as an effective team, for we are effective from the beginning.
Teambition in the city of Pandas is ready to welcome you.


As the capital of six dynasties of Chinese history, Nanjing is built upon splendid historic buildings. Meanwhile, Nanjing is growing dramatically to attract more talents here.
Teambition is the place where we encourage thinking. We created Teambition since we want new ways to collaborate; we break things fast since we cannot control ourselves to better Teambition; we think, and endeavour to buil a better product for everyday use.
Join us, enjoy the days with excitedment and amazement.


Guangzhou office is ready. Only food and Teambition cannot be passed up in the world. A happy day starts from Cantonese morning tea, a fascinating work starts from Teambition. In Teambition, you will work in sunshine and flat office, with a creative and interesting team. Are you ready to create the future with us?
Teambition is waiting for you!