We love making work a better place

An awesome atmosphere

This is a team of no boundary.

We wish that each student has a strong sense of responsibility and perform beyond expectation. Teambition is a wonderful place of choice if you are looking forward to continuous learning in various areas.

Openness and transparence are the most important.

Openness and transparence is what I like the most about Teambition. We have open office as well as transparent not capped meeting rooms. Every Monday afternoon in the AMA, everyone can raise any questions. Sometimes we talk about the problem very intensely. But here, any comments you make can be expressed directly.

Our values

Be open and transparent

Being open and transparent is a true quality at Teambition. It allows us as a team to share more ideas and to always push further to accomplish more.
We encourage everyone to be honest and open to each other.
We discuss and argue to solve problems. There is no politics in our office.

Seek the extraordinary

We seek the extraordinary in everything we do.
Details matter to us, and we always try to improve what we do.
No idea is crazy enough, and we encourage people with big ideas that can change the world. Come and make work a better place.


At Teambition we emphasize a lot the personal development of our people. From free training programs to development paths tailored for you, we make sure you are constantly stimulated and learning.This is how you become an expert at Teambition.
We always stay curious about the world and learn from anyone around us.


Our team members strive on creating. Our app was born from somebody’s idea and trying it out.
We will encourage you to constantly create regardless of your department.
This is how creativity becomes innovation, and how we change the world everyday.

Working with the great leader

Hi, I am Junyuan Qi, founder & CEO of Teambition. I started Teambition in 2011 when I was still at college. My dream is to make Teambition one of the best companies in the world. To achieve this goal, I tried my best to keep learning. Whether you undertake research and development, design, marketing, sales or operations, you can discuss it with me in depth and reap the rewards. I believe “Time is a friend of good companies.” As a young CEO, I have long-term visions. Apart from making clear strategy for Teambition, I also spend my time on corporate culture, employee development, office environment, employee benefits, etc.If you share the same dream with me, and if you are eager to do something different, please join me and my team. I believe you will love working with us.