Privacy Policy

1. Scope of coverage of the privacy policy

Your privacy is very important to us, and we are pleased to tell you how we collect and use your information.

This document is intended to help you understand the following:

  • what information we collect;
  • how we use the information collected;
  • how we share the information collected;
  • how we store the information collected and how we secure it;
  • filteration and deletion of harmful information;
  • your rights;
  • how the information collected by us is transmitted across borders;
  • business transfer;
  • other important privacy strategies;
  • our privacy policy for children;
  • contact with us;
  • changes in privacy policy.

This privacy agreement shall be valid throughout your use of Teambition products, related series products (such as Thoughts) and services or your other calls and uses of Teambition (other than any other separate notes to this privacy agreement). This policy also states your right to decide whether to allow us to collect your behavior data. If you disagree with this policy, do not access or use our products or services or interact with any other aspects of our business. When “Teambition” or “we” is referred to in this policy, it shall mean Shanghai Huiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. that controls the information Teambition collects when you use the service.Teambition provides you with collaboration tools with products that include websites, desktop products and mobile products to help you work as part of a team and communicate with others. We also own and operate multiple other websites and provide related services. The term “services” used in this policy mean all of the above products and services.

II. What information we collect

We will collect any information you provide to us, including any information generated from your use of our products or services and any information provided to us by other sources, and the specific information categories are described as follows:

Information you provide to us

We will collect any data entered or submitted directly by you on or in our website or service.

1. Account and personal information: we will collect your information when you register your account, create or modify your personal information, set preferences, log in, purchase through our services or register for purchase. For example, your contact information and, in some cases, billing information will be collected by us when you sign up for the service. You can also choose to add your personal photos, resumes and other detailed information to your personal information so as to display them in our service system. When you select or modify your personal preferences, we will continue to obtain and track your preference information.

2. Contents provided by you through our products: we will collect and store any contents you publish, send, receive and share through Teambition web page, desktop products and mobile products used by you. Such contents include any information about you or the information you choose to include, and they also include any files and links you upload to the service system. The contents we collect and store include any files you attach to any task, task lists, items, lists or enterprise names or description of tasks, your comments in tasks, shares and files and any pictures, expressions and files uploaded by you.

3. Information you provide through our website: we also collect any information you submit through the websites we own and operate and social media. For example, when you provide any feedback on or participate in any interactive function survey, sales promotion, lucky draw or other activities, any contents you provide to us will be collected by us.

4. Information you provide through our support channels: we will also collect any questions and information you submit through our customer support service or other support services. When you open our customer support chat window or email, the system will ask you to provide your contact information, problems or screenshots and any other documents, screenshots and other information that aid in the solution of problems.

5. Payment information: when you sign up for certain paid services, we will collect certain payment and billing information. For example, the name and contact information we require you to submit when you pay for our products; you may also provide your payment account information such as bank card numbers.

Information collected automatically when you use our services

We will automatically collect some of your information when you browse and use our services (such as browsing our website or doing an appropriate operation on our web page).

1. Your use in our products: when you access and interact with any of our services, we will track some of your information. This information includes any functions you are using such as clicking on tasks, selecting teams or clicking on other links, and any attachments you upload to the service system and their types, sizes and names, and any search terms you often use and how you interact with others in our products. We also collect any information about the teams and people with whom you work and the way in which you interact with them, such as the people with whom you work and communicate most frequently.

2. Device and connection information: when you use our service, we will collect any information about your computers, cell phones, tablets or other devices you use to access our services. This device information includes connection types and settings when you install, access, update or use our services. We also collect any information about your operating systems, browser types, IP addresses, URLs for sharing/exit from web page, device identifiers and application to data related to software crash through your devices. We also use your IP addresses and national or regional preferences to estimate your location so as to provide a better service experience. The amount of information we collect depends on the types and settings of the devices you use to access our service.

3. Cookies and other tracking techniques: Teambition and our third party partners (such as our analysis partners) may use Cookie and other tracking techniques (such as typing on web pages) to identify your identity. Cookie is a text-only message string, and the website will transfer these strings to a browser Cookie file of the computer hard disk so that the website can remember your identity information and other details. Cookie may be set up by a website or sourced from third parties such as advertisers. Cookie itself is not used or intended to be used to read any information from a user’s computer (other than the contents of Cookie itself). Cookie is only the identifier used by a website that is initially placed on your hard disk. The same server can retrieve the actual contents of Cookie information and then identify the computer and customize, track or control the usage of the site according to the information stored on the primary server. We will use these tracking tools to help you make better use of Teambition and help us improve the corresponding functions. You can choose to accept or reject Cookie by modifying browser settings. However, if you disable Cookie, you will not be able to use Teambition’s interactive features.

Information we collect from other sources

We will collect any information about you from other users we are serving, other third party service providers and related companies and our business and channel partners.

1. Other users we are serving: other users we are serving may provide any information about you when submitting their service content. For example, writing your name in task remarks or mentioning your information in a chat. We will also collect your email address from other service users to invite you to join the service. Similarly, your enterprise administrator may specify you as project manager or team administrator (by logging in to your email or phone) so that your team members can contact you when needed.

2. Other services you associate with your account: we will collect any information about you when you enable Github, WeChat or other third-party applications or associate third-party services with our services. For example, if you use WeChat credentials to create an account or log in to the service, we will receive your name and other information based on the license set for your personal WeChat data to verify your identity. You or your administrator may also associate our services with other services you use, such as allowing you to access, store, share, and edit some contents from third parties through our services. For example, you can authorize our services to access and display files from third-party document sharing services (such as Office365, graphite documents) in the service interface. Alternatively, you can authorize our server to access and display files (such as office365 and Graphite documents) from third-party document sharing services in the service interface or to synchronize contact lists or address books so that you can easily contact the contacts in the service or invite them to collaborate with us on services. Any information we collect when linking or associating our services with third party services depends on the settings, permissions and privacy policies under control of these third party services. Therefore, You should always pay close attention to and understand the privacy settings and notifications in these third-party services to learn about any data that may be disclosed to us or shared with our services.

3. Teambition’s partners: We are working with our partners and will carry out single sign-on, data access, training and other services around our products and partners’ products. Some of our partners also help us promote our products, bring us sales leads and resell our products. We will receive information from these partners, such as billing information, technical contact information, company name and products of interest to you.

III. How do we use the information collected

How we use the information collected depends in part on the services you use, how we use them and the preferences you set. Here are the specific purposes for which we use the information collected about you:

1. For providing you with better service and personalized experience: we use information about you to provide services to you, including identifying where you are logged in, what user support should be provided and how to operate and maintain the overall service. For example, we use the names and pictures (such as head portraits) you provide in your account to identify you to other service users. Our services also include personalizing your experience and customized features, improving your efficiency in using Teambition, improving the ability and efficiency of others to communicate and collaborate with you through automated analysis and calculation and better helping you to build a solid and accurate relationship with your team. We may use your email domain to extrapolate your connections to a particular organization or industry to personalize the content and experience you receive on our site.

2. For research and development iteration: we have been looking for ways to make our services help you get a better user experience in a smarter, faster, safer and more integrated and effective manner. We learn through collective study about how people use our services and constantly collect feedback from users directly to us to help us troubleshoot problems and identify product trends, usage, activity patterns and ways to integrate and improve services. For example, at each iteration and update, we record the usage of new features and users use links to design better and more humane features. In some cases, we will provide this part of the survey data and research data to the corresponding research institutions to carry out deeper product research and academic research.

3. For improving communication with users: we will use your contact information to send transaction emails via email and service content, including confirming your purchase, reminding you of the expiration of your subscription, responding to your opinions, questions and needs, providing customer support and sending you updates and notifications and warnings. Depending on your settings, when you or someone else interacts in a service, we will send you an email notification, for example, when you are mentioned in a task or are added to a task.

4. For technical services: we use your information to solve your technical problems, respond to your requests for assistance, analyze crash information and make repairs and improve services. If you allow us to do so, we will share your information with Teambition’s technical experts to respond to and support related requests.

5. For enhancing security protection and authentication: we use information about you and your service usage to verify accounts and activities, monitor suspicious or fraudulent activities and determine whether the above actions are contrary to the service policy.

6. For protecting our legitimate commercial interests and other legitimate rights and interests: where the law requires or we deem it necessary to protect our legitimate rights and interests and the interests of others, we will use information about you to handle legal proceedings, compliance, regulatory and audit-related matters and disclosures related to acquisitions, mergers or sales.

7. Legitimacy of data processing: If you are a user in the EU region, we will only legally collect and process your information in accordance with the applicable EU law, and the legitimacy depends on the services you use and how you use them. This means that we will only collect and use your information in the following cases: we need to process data to provide you with our services, including operational services, provision of customer support, personalized feature and security of services; data processing is necessary for the realization of legitimate interests (unless the data protection benefits you enjoy take precedence over these interests), such as for research and development, marketing and promotion services and protecting our legitimate rights and interests; you agree to process data for a specific purpose; we need to process your data to fulfill our legal obligations.

If you have agreed that we use your information for a specific purpose, you will also have the right to change your mind at any time, but this will not affect any processing that has already taken place. When we or third parties (such as your employers) legally use your information, you will have the right to object to it. However, in some cases, this may mean that you will no longer use the services.

IV. How do we share the information collected

We develop and provide collaboration tools that we hope will better help you with your work. This means that we will share the information collected through services or third parties. We will share the information we have collected about you, including any information related to possible business transfers, but we promise never to sell your information to advertisers or other third parties.

Share with other users in the service

1. For collaboration or cooperation: You can create tasks or other contents that contain your information and add the access authority granted to others or the rights granted to others to share, edit, duplicate and download. When you share or interact with specific content, some of collaboration features of the service will display some or all of personal information to other service users. For example, when you comment on a task, we will display your avatar and name next to your comment so that other users who have access to the task know who made the comment. Similarly, when you join a team or organization, your name, profile pictures and contact information will appear in the list of other team members so that they can find you and interact with you. Please note that some tasks or projects can be set to public, which means that anything published on the project (including any information about you) can be publicly viewed. You can check your project settings at any time to verify that a particular project is public.

2. Forum community: our website provides publicly accessible blogs, forums and error trackers. Any information you provide on these sites, including any personal information related to the account number used to publish information, may be read, collected and used by any member of the public visiting these sites even if you terminate your account and posts, some profile information may also be retained. We recommend that you consider the security and privacy of this information when you enter it.

Share with third-party partners

We share information with third parties to help us operate, provide, improve, integrate, customize, support and sell our services.

1. Third party applications: You or your administrator or other service users can choose to add new features or work by enabling the application center in the service. This may give third party applications access to your account and information (such as your name and email address) and anything you choose to be relevant to these applications. Third party application policies and procedures are not under our control. This privacy policy does not include how third party applications use your information. You should always pay close attention to and learn about privacy settings and notifications in these third party services for more information about their privacy and information processing. If you object to sharing your information with these third parties, please disable these third party applications.

2. Links to third party websites: services may contain links to your other sites or services that may differ from ours in their privacy practices. What you need to note is that any information you use and submit to any third party websites is subject to their privacy policy instead of this service privacy policy.

3. We will separately inform by means of pop-up you about the identity or type of third parties receiving personal information and the purpose of sharing data with third parties and the scope of data and obtain your consent.

Share with affiliates

In some cases, we will share the information we collect with our affiliates. Affiliates are the companies owned or operated by us. We share your information with our affiliates to operate and improve products and services and provide you with other related services. This privacy policy applies to the information we share in these cases.

V. How do we store the information collected and ensure its security

Storage and security of information: we use cloud services provided by AliCloud to put the information we have collected in trust and use technical measures to protect your data. Although we do our utmost to protect your information security, because of the inherent nature of the Internet, no system is absolutely secure, and we can not guarantee the absolute security of your data in the course of transmission over the Internet and when stored in our system. We will do everything possible to prevent against security incursions. However, if such an event occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible within a reasonable period of time.

How long will the information be stored

How long the information will be stored depends on the type of the information that we describe in detail below. After the information has been stored for a certain period, we will delete your information or process it anonymously. However, when the deletion is not possible (for example, the information has been stored in a backup archive), we will safely store your information and isolate it until it becomes possible to delete it.

1. Account information: we will keep your account information until you delete your account. We will also retain some necessary information to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve disputes, perform agreements, support business operations and continue to develop and improve our services. If we are going to keep this information for service improvements and product iterations, we will desensitize the data and only use this information for collective analysis rather than specialized analysis of your personal data.

2. Information you share in our service: if your account has been disabled or deactivated, some of your information and the contents you provide will be retained so that your team members or other users can make full use of the service. For example, we will continue to display comments and contents you provide to a project or task.

3. Market preference information: if you choose to receive our marketing email, we will retain information about your marketing preferences unless you explicitly request that we delete such information. We will retain any information obtained from Cookie and other tracking techniques for a reasonable period of time from the creation date.

VI. Filteration and deletion of harmful information

According to the relevant laws, Teambition prohibits users from creating and storing all harmful information, including:

  • (1) information contrary to the fundamental principles established by the Chinese constitution;
  • (2) information endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting the state power and undermining national unity;
  • (3) information propagating terrorism, extremism, ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination;
  • (4) information undermining friendly relations between countries and regions;
  • (5) information undermining the national religion policy and propagating cults and feudal superstitions;
  • (6) information spreading rumors or false information, disrupting social order and undermining social stability.
  • (7) information inciting, organizing and abetting terrorist activities, unlawful assembly, association, procession and demonstration and gathering a crowd to disturb the social order;
  • (8) information spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence and terrors or abetting the commission of a crime;
  • (9) information infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others such as reputation, privacy, copyright and the right to network dissemination of information;
  • (10) information containing any other content prohibited by the laws and administrative regulations.

Teambition will develop filtering and shielding mechanisms for the above information. If a user fails to perform and comply with the provisions of this policy when creating projects or storing documents, Teambition will have the right to close the account of the user who violates this policy, and will reserve the right to hold the party legally responsible in accordance with the law. In addition,Teambition will not assume any liability for breach of contract or other legal liabilities to the original publisher after taking appropriate measures such as removal.

VII. Your rights

1. You may access, modify, withdraw and delete any registration information and other personal information you provide while using our services, or you may contact us in accordance with the notification guidelines. The scope and manner in which you access, modify and delete personal information will depend on the specific services you use.

2. Each business function may require some basic personal information to be completed. You may at any time grant or withdraw your authorization for the collection and use of additional personal information. When you withdraw your authorization, we will no longer process the corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your authorization will not affect previous personal information processing based on your authorization.

3. You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal information. If the technology is feasible, for example, the data interface is matched, we can also directly transmit a copy of your personal information to your designated third party at your request.We will separately inform by means of pop-up you about the identity or type of third parties receiving personal information and the purpose of sharing data with third parties and scope of data and obtain your consent.

4. In some business functions, we may process your personal information only based on non-manual automatic decision-making mechanisms such as information systems and algorithms. If these decisions have a significant impact on your legitimate rights and interests, you shall have the right to ask us for an explanation, and we will provide appropriate remedies therefor.

5. You have the right to request restrictions on the processing of your personal data.You have the right to restrict our processing of data in the following cases: when you dispute the accuracy of personal data and allow us to verify the accuracy thereof within a certain period of time; when the data processing is illegal, and you object to deleting personal data but instead ask for restrictions on the use of such personal data; when we no longer need personal data for processing purposes, but you need such personal data in order to raise, exercise or defend legal claims; when you need to verify that our legal basis takes precedence over yours on the basis of your right of objection.

6. You have the right to opt out from the promotion. You can choose not to receive our promotional information. For this purpose, you can contact us directly to remove your contact information from the promotional mail list or the registration database.

7. In order to ensure safety, you may need to prove your identity by providing written materials or otherwise. We may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request. For your reasonable request, we do not charge in principle, however, for any repeated requests beyond a reasonable limit, we will charge a certain cost as appropriate. Any requests that are repeated for no reason, require too many technical means (for example, requiring the development of a new system or the fundamental change of existing practices) and pose a risk to the legitimate rights and interests of others or are highly unrealistic (for example, involving information stored on a backup tape) may be rejected by us.

In the following cases, we will not be able to respond to your requests as required by the laws and regulations:

  • directly related to national security and national defence security;
  • directly related to public safety, public health and significant public interests;
  • directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and judgement execution, etc.;
  • there is sufficient evidence that you have subjective malice or abuse of power;
  • responding to your requests will cause serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of you or any other individuals or organizations;
  • involving trade secrets.

VIII. How is the information collected by us is transmitted across borders?

Teambition provides services in China and overseas, in order to ensure that users can log on to a server in any service area with the same account number, we will exchange your personal account basic information (including account number, password, user personal information and equipment information) between China and overseas regions to assist in providing a better user experience. As far as users in the EU region are concerned, if your personal information needs to be transmitted to a third country, we will inform you whether such third country has adopted the EU’s “adequacy” criterion for information protection. If such third country has not adopted such standard, We will inform you of the personal information protection measures we have taken.

IX. Business transfer

The information collected by Teambition will be treated as an asset and may become one of the assets transferred if any of the following cases exists: Teambition or any of its affiliates or departments merges with other enterprises or departments, or is acquired, or goes bankrupt or is dissolved or reorganized, or sells part or all of its assets or shares, or conducts financing, or publicly issues securities, or is subject to acquisition of all or part of its business, or enters into other similar transactions or procedures or other procedures and steps (such as due diligence) for such activities.

Upon completion of the above transaction, we will inform you by email and/or other means of any transfer of the information collected by Teambition. Acquirers or other successors of rights and obligations whose status is similar to that of acquirers, shall only use your information in accordance with this privacy policy (or any follow-up policy in force at the time of collecting information from you). Please note that the information submitted or collected after the transfer may be modified to the extent permitted by law at the request of acquirers and that this privacy policy will be updated accordingly.

X. Other important privacy strategies

Our products are suitable for personal and organizational use. In the case of providing services to you through an organization (such as your employer), the organization shall be the administrator of the service and be responsible for the end users and service sites over which it has control. If that is the case, please submit your data privacy requirements to the administrator because your use of services is subject to the organization’s policy. We are not responsible for privacy or security practices organized by the administrator, which may be inconsistent with this policy. Even if the service is not currently managed by the organization, if you are a member of an organization-managed team, or if you access the service using an e-mail address (such as your work email address) provided by the organization, the administrator of the team or the owner (such as your employer) of the domain associated with your organization’s e-mail address may manage and control your account and use our service thereafter. If this happens, you will be notified. Task owners, project administrators and enterprise administrators can restrict your access and authority to tasks, projects and enterprises. In some cases, an enterprise administrator can also:

  • ask you to reset your account password;
  • restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the service or your account;
  • control your ability to edit, limit, modify or delete your account information;
  • change your account information, including personal information or email addresses associated with your account;
  • access information in your account;
  • open or close third-party applications;

If you do not want the administrator to control your account or use the service, you may exit from enterprises, projects or tasks and remove any email from your account that contains the domains owned or controlled by the administrator. Once the administrator declares that it has control over your account or the use of the service, you may not be able to change the e-mail address associated with your account without the administrator’s approval.

Please contact your organization or your administrator for organizational policies and more information.

XI. Our privacy policy for children

Our service is not for individuals under 16 years of age, and we will not deliberately collect any personal information on children under 16 years of age. If we find that a child under 16 years of age provides us with its personal information, we will take steps to delete such information. If you find that the above children provide us with their personal information, please contact us through our customer support service.

XII. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this privacy policy, please contact us in the following ways:


Address: Room 202,No. 1 Building, 888 Bibo Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Postal code: 201203

Customer service telephone number: +86 400-060-5576

If you are a user in the EU region, please contact our EU regional representative:

EU regional representative:


Address: calle julian camarlillo, 7, 28037, Madrid, Spain

Postal code: 28037

Tel: + 34-648681801

Normally, we will give a response within 30 days.

The formulation, implementation and interpretation of this privacy policy shall be governed by the laws of China. If you are not satisfied with our response, especially when our personal information processing damages your legitimate rights and interests, you shall go to Shanghai to seek a solution by applying for arbitration to Shanghai International Arbitration Center (“SHIAC”). You use of our services means that you have agreed to the provisions for the governing law and dispute resolution as set forth in this privacy policy.

XIII. Changes to the privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes to this privacy policy will be published on this page. If the changes are very important, we will notify you by adding a notification to the service home page or the login screen or by sending you an email. We will also keep a previous version of this privacy policy in a file for your viewing. We encourage you to understand our privacy policy when you use the service, and keeping track of our information can help you better protect your privacy. If you do not agree to any changes to this privacy policy, you need to stop using the service and disable your account.